The Palm Beach Church

Over 35 years ago, a handful of Christians in Plantation, Florida, met together as the Westside Church of Christ. The mission of the church was simple, to proclaim that  Jesus Christ is Lord. The meaning to the church member was profound, to confess   Jesus as Lord of my life.

In the course of time, as our congregation grew and re-located, the name Westside morphed into five different names. Today, the “South Florida Church of Christ” spans 110 miles from Port St. Lucie to Homestead. Our multi-ethnic, multi-language membership ranges throughout four counties.

Thank you for visiting our worship services. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.  After 35 years, experience has taught us many things, and we have learned many lessons. But the mission of our church is still the same –
Jesus is Lord.

And the call for each member never changes –    He is Lord of our life!


Leadership Team