Jamaica Day 2016!

The Jamaica Day luncheon and raffle was a great success. The teams who travelled to Jamaica will be sharing their stories with us at church, and the leaders from Jamaica have sent the following message:

To the Palm Beach Church of Christ,

The churches in Jamaica were truly enriched spiritually by your gift and the participation of the Ceasors and Edwards in our marriage seminar over the past weekend. The funds that you raised helped us to keep the registration fee at an affordable cost for most people, and subsidized the fee for couples who still found it challenging. Over 180 people registered for the event. The Edwards taught a wonderful opening class; Lynette inspired the wives who are married to non-Christian spouses; and Jovon led the church in an insightful communion lesson. Besides their class to the marrieds, the Ceasors also inspired the singles as they spoke on the topic of spiritual dating. Your partnership in the gospel is greatly appreciated and has made a huge impact on the churches in Jamaica.

Thanks for your love and support.

Also, the Jamaica Day raffle winners were as follows:

$500 PRIZE – Amelia Betancur

$25 GIFT CARDS – Michael Chronicle

We look forward to next year, and to growing closer and closer to our brothers and sisters in Jamaica! Thanks for your support.


The Palm Beach Church is excited to grow closer to our brothers and sisters in Jamaica. Jamaica Day 2016 is just one way we are trying to do this.

Funding: Funds for Jamaica Day 2016 were raised by a special contribution at the Palm Beach Church earlier this year, and earmarked for these efforts. In addition to this, a Jamaican Lunch will be held after church on October 30th and a Raffle will be held on November 28th. After both the lunch and the raffle, 100% of the proceeds will be used to support our growing cooperation with a family of six congregations in Jamaica (please visit http://www.kingstonchurchofchrist.org for more information).

Needs We Are Meeting: The Palm Beach Church is using these funds in several ways. On October 30, several sisters from the Palm Beach Church will be visiting Jamaica and speaking at a conference for women in Kingston. On November 25 & 26, eight people from the Palm Beach Church will be visiting Jamaica and speaking at a marriage enrichment seminar. Both of these events will draw participants from across Jamaica. In addition to our members travelling to Jamaica, we are also sending funds that will be used to offset some of the costs of the marriage enrichment seminar. By supporting the seminar with these funds, several married couples from the more remote areas of Jamaica will be able to travel to Kingston to enrich their marriages. We are excited to meet both spiritual and physical needs in this manner.

Raffle Prizes: Raffle prizes will include cash prizes, restaurant gift cards, hotel gift cards and other prizes donated by local businesses. Please visit this page later for a more detailed list of these prizes. The Raffle drawing will be held Monday, November 28th. The suggested donation of $1 is tax deductible and no more than 5,000 tickets will be sold before the Raffle.

Thank you for your support and prayers!